ISO 10015:2019 Quality Management - Guidelines for Competence Management and People Development :

ISO 10015:2019 gives guidelines for an organization to establish, implement, maintain and improve systems for competence management and people development to positively affect outcomes related to the conformity of products and services and the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties.

Our Approach:

We provide extensive and value-added consulting, training and certification services for either new certification with respect to ISO 10015:2019 or helping businesses to migrate from ISO 10015:2019 standard.

We provide awareness training, implementation training, internal auditor training, lead auditor training to grant a required level of skill, knowledge, and competence for the employees on this revised Quality management — Guidelines for competence management and people development standard.

We also provide a complete set of consulting services to help organizations identify requirements as per ISO 10015:2019 new standard and map the compliance requirements as per ISO 10015 revisions to your current processes.