BRCGS Food Safety Issue 8 and 9 & BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6 Consultancy Services

BRCGS 2`is a market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain and provides. The Global Standards for the Food Safety and the Packaging Materials help provide assurance to customers that your products are safe, legal and of high quality. Certification against the standard is recognized globally by many retailers, food service companies, procurement companies, agents and brokers, manufacturers when assessing the capabilities of their suppliers.

The standard protects consumer interest by shaping a uniform basis for assessing the companies who supply the articles to the manufacturers and retailers.

Benefits of BRCGS

  • Global Recognition
  • Customer Confidence
  • Brand Recognition
  • Cost Effective
  • Support
  • Standards Development
  • Encouraging continual improvement
  • Effective environmental monitoring
  • Reduction in waste, and increased efficiency

Our Services

  • Micro-level survey of the existing system
  • Prepare the documents (Manual, Procedure, templates).
  • Conduct awareness program (top + middle + bottom level).
  • Implementation and training of all personnel in the use of procedures and formats.
  • Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
  • Apply for certification.
  • Decision on certification
  • Maintenance of certificate