API Training in Dubai :

Since 1989, API’s Individual Certification Programs (ICP) have provided the petroleum and petrochemical industries with an independent and unbiased way to evaluate the knowledge and experience of technical and inspection personnel. These certification programs are based on the industry-developed standards that are recognized and used with confidence worldwide.

API’s certifications have come to be regarded as the most demanded and desired credentials in the industry. They provide applicants with means to improve their skills through learning and strengthening their overall job performance. API certified inspectors and personnel are recognized worldwide as professionals who are fully knowledgeable of the relevant industry inspection codes and standards, and who are capable of performing their jobs in accordance with the latest and most acceptable industry inspection practices.

API certification allows qualified personnel to establish a career path and make valuable contributions to the safety and quality of industry operations.

API's Individual Certification Programs Benefit The Industry By:

  • Providing knowledgeable specialized inspectors;
  • Establishing a minimum standard of knowledge and skill for the personnel
  • Providing higher management control of inspection practices
  • Increasing employer’s confidence and peace-of-mind
  • Helping maintain safety and high level of performance
  • Reducing potential for downtime because of equipment failure

Our Approach:

Chiltern TMC Consultant specializes in API monogram Consulting for Small, Medium size, and Large size Business consultancy and training, backed by an efficient IT system and a group of professionals and experts.

Our array of experts provide you with the process approach audits aimed at promoting continual improvement – enabling your organization to remain competitive globally.

We have helped many organizations nationally and internationally to implement and get certified to achieve the API monogram as per the requirements. We eliminate red tape and bureaucracy and provide you with the most cost-effective audits, which explain why we still remain a dominant player in the consultancy business.